Using Nature For Clarity And Finding Your Path  

Transitioning through a painful period often requires you to be vulnerable with others, and have faith in yourself. In this episode of SecondWind With Joyce, my guest Julia Schneider explains how we can use nature to feel at peace when dealing with these complex parts of healing. She stresses the importance of looking within yourself to find what is best for you, and how to use your hardships as motivation for the next step of your journey.

Julia Schneider is a holistic health & life transformation coach, helping to uplift happiness and wellbeing on our planet. She takes people into the great outdoors and helps them to reconnect with the magnificence of nature, their own true nature as well as, the natural flow of life itself. Clients are empowered to tap into their highest potentials, unique destiny path, and heartfelt yearnings as a gateway to creating a happy, healthy, wonderfully accomplished and deeply fulfilling life experience.

Julia has a degree in Kinesiology & Health Sciences, is a certified Holistic Health & Lifestyle coach, a Feminine Power coach & leader and a seasoned wellness-entrepreneur, working with passionate change makers, entrepreneurs, visionaries and innovators. Julia offer transformational coaching programs, women’s circles, masterminds, workshops, intuitive travel experiences and retreats for groups and individuals internationally. She uses the principles she shares in her own life and credits these as the source of her own fulfillment, success, healthy life/work balance and the ability to live an exciting and inspired life.

What You’ll Learn from This Episode:

  • The therapeutic and nurturing effects of nature 
  • The connection between coaching for physical fitness and mentoring for a better mindset  
  • Why it is important to educate yourself about your health
  • Tapping into and trusting your intuition
  • A constructive way to perceive breakdowns and low points 
  • How to create and follow your vision for your life
  • Why transitions can be a powerful springboard to move us into a live we’ve always dreamed of and how we can navigate it gracefully so that it leaves us better off on the other side

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