Freeing Yourself From Crazy-Making Relationships

There are few things worse than being stuck in a toxic relationship, one in which you’re always in a no-win situation. Listen to Dr. Rhoberta Shaler describe how such a relationship develops and what you can do about it.

The Relationship Help Doctor, Rhoberta Shaler, Ph.D., provides urgent and ongoing care for relationships in crisis. Even the United States Marines have called on her for help! As a relationship consultant, mediator, and speaker, Dr. Shaler helps the partners, exes, and adult children of the relentlessly difficult people she calls “Hijackals®.” She helps them save their sanity and stop the crazy-making. She defines Hijackals® as people who hijack Relationships — for their own purposes — while scavenging them for power, status, and control.

“When you’re pleasing them, you are the best thing that ever happened to them. But don’t please them, or even suggest they may not be the best thing since sliced bread and now you’re the scum of the earth”. -@RhobertaShaler Share on X

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Dr. Shaler shares why and how she created the term, “Hijackal®.” 
  • Some of the patterns, traits and cycles of Hijackals®.
  • When and how you can first meet Hijackals® .
  • What makes you “Hijackal® bait” and why it’s important to recognize it.
  • The “M.O.” of Hijackals® and how to avoid falling into their traps.
  • Specific examples of behaviours that will show up in your relationship once a Hijackal® has got you hooked.
  • How various stages of life can bring out these traits.
  • How self-esteem can impact your relationship with a Hijackal®.
  • How to recognize and deal with Hijackals® in the workplace or businesses.
  • What causes Hijackal® behaviour.
  • Why therapy is often unsuccessful when dealing with a Hijackal® and how to improve your chances of getting the right help.
  • How Hijackals® will manipulate professionals such as lawyers or therapists until they get what they want.
  • Whether or not Hijackals® are “curable.” 
  • What happens to the children of a Hijackal marriage at various stages of their development.
  • Why children can be adversely impacted by a Hijackal® parent even before the child understands language.
  • Learn about Dr. Shaler’s podcasts and how they can help you.
  • Dr. Shaler talks about her YouTube channel and her weekly livestream, during which you can ask questions and share your experience.
  • Dr. Shaler shares details of her three levels of membership program.

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