When we find ourselves dealing with fear, we can also experience feeling victimized or ‘at the effect of’ someone or something else.  In today’s article I share with you 6 tips I use regularly with myself and my clients to take back the power and turn the fear into fuel for living a life without limits.

Step 1: Identify Your Fear

Fear is often present when you are moving from your normal behavior where you feel comfortable to something unknown. The unknown is scary to most people because your subconscious brain is trained to keep you safe. In learning to become skilled at identifying your fear, there are 3 simple steps.

  1. Put a name to the fear.
  2. Pay attention to your internal voices around the fear
  3. Pay attention to the feelings around this fear

Step 2: Stop the Fantasies About the Fear

Oh how our mind can come with all kinds of crazy scenarios about why we should or shouldn’t do something that makes us feel afraid.  I like to call these the “What If’s” and have taught myself and my clients to start spending more time fantasizing about the “What If’s” that are more empowering than the ones that leave us feeling victimized.

Step 3:  Welcome your fear!!

Yes, I said welcome it just like you would someone you meet at a networking meeting or a guest at your house. Then walk through these next steps:

  1. Look at it? Analyze it.
  2. What is it’s origin? Is it from a childhood memory?
  3. Take the time to massage the fear will give you the power to develop some positive thoughts about the fear.
  4. Remember F.E.A.R. is simply Fantasized Experiences Appearing Real

Step 4: Choose Action.

Now that you have gotten some space around the fear and fantasized around what amazing things are possible you can ask yourself “What Would I Choose To Do Now, If I Weren’t Afraid?”

Step 5: Take Baby Steps

As you start taking action towards what you want, should you still feel stuck ask yourself “How Can I Break This Step Down into Smaller Steps?”. Then take the next smallest step forward. (And celebrate your success!)

Step 6: Role Play

Previously you would have spent time thinking about how the fear would have held you back and all the bad things that would have happened as a result. I challenge you now to visualize yourself succeeding. What does that look like? How does that feel? What are others saying about you? What other opportunities does that open up?

So what do you think?  Think you can look fear in the face next time and walk yourself through these steps to take back your power and move yourself one step closer to living a life without limits?

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