Confronting Your Pain to Uncover Your Purpose

Lorna Blake discusses how being abandoned by her father before she was born led to victimization and abuse in her childhood and first marriage. Learn some of the defining moments that helped her to move from a life of abject poverty to one of hope, healing, and transformation.

Lorna is an International Women’s Empowerment Speaker and Prosperity Mindset Coach. She is also a best-selling co-author of several books. Lorna was born in Jamaica, where she experienced poverty, abandonment, and abuse as a child. She moved to Canada as a teenager and lived in a constant state of victimhood in her first marriage until she discovered powerful principles that changed her life for good. She overcame incredible odds to graduate with an Honors Degree in Social Work while becoming the mother of two boys. Her passion for helping others has led her to coach and inspire thousands of people globally.

"Resilience is the key to staying powerful. It allows you to be vulnerable and yet you keep going because there is something inside of you that will not be denied." -@lornab09 Share on X

What You’ll Learn from This Episode:

  • Lorna’s inspiring story of an extremely impoverished childhood, which included abandonment and sexual abuse. But her mother had a vision for her daughter, which ultimately saw the teenager moving to Canada to begin a new life without her family.
  • Lorna shares the story of how she got her name, which she believes was largely responsible for the many challenges she faced in her younger years.
  • The ironic story of Lorna’s father’s absence from her life while she was growing up, despite her prayers – only to discover that he would one day play a major role in her ability to create a new and better life.
  • How Lorna had always viewed the issue of men and abandonment, and what it took for her to see a completely different reality.
  • Lorna’s secret to having stayed true to her belief that she would overcome all obstacles and be victorious.
  • What kept Lorna moving “through boundaries and obstacles and boulders” and what was behind her drive to succeed.
  • What it means to be resilient and why this is so important.
  • A defining moment involving one of Lorna’s sons that was ultimately one of the most empowering conversations she would ever have.
  • Lorna’s awakening to the realization that men have played an exceptionally positive role in her life.
  • How Lorna beat the odds against getting a teaching job in a foreign country, and the lesson that came with it.
  • Lorna discusses her upcoming (October 2019) event, a retreat that takes place on a cruise from Miami to the Bahamas. Listeners are invited to join.
  • Learn about Lorna’s revival of a former successful Blog Talk Radio show, which she is reinventing in the form of Facebook Live events.
  • You’ll learn frightening statistics of our negative emotions, thoughts and mindsets and how Lorna focuses on “possibility instead of problems” to help her clients see powerful results.

Featured on the show:

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