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Have you ever heard of a Vision Board?

A Vision Board is a collection of images that inspire you that are made into a collage. Now this isn’t just a pretty picture. A Vision Board, when created with the right intention, can be a magic force for clarity, reaching heart-felt goals, and clearing a path to your greatest life.

If you have ever created a vision board of your dreams for the future and watched as one after another of your desires appears “magically” in your life, then you might agree it's important to have a vision board.

And, when you join me for my Online Vision Board Party on...

January 23 at 9 am EST

You’ll not only be able to create your OWN Vision Board and tap into the magic of clarity, you’ll do it with a small group that might just inspire some dormant goals and dreams (plus its a TON of fun!)

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I’ve been hosting Vision Board Parties for several years, and I’m always so impressed with the vision boards that attendees create (and what happens when you get clarity through the process on what you really want in your life.)

I’ve manifested a new car in my favorite color, a new job that was more fulfilling, and a dream trip!  

Maybe you’d like to experience a romance or move to a new home. Or that “once in a lifetime” trip. The magic kicks in with a Vision Board  as it will help you get clear about the things you really want in your life so you can focus.

The magic of clarity kicks in as soon as you start gathering your images for your Vision Board (and as soon as you put your board together, focus becomes your superpower.)

You’ll find that these images connect you emotionally to dreams and desires that you may not have given much attention to before. That focus will bring action to those dreams becoming a reality.

Yes, we are using the Law of Attraction to create and bring our dearest desires to us thru play.  It is the belief coupled with emotion that activates the power of receiving. 

So let’s come together online this year, create YOUR VISION BOARD and call in your dream goals and desires.

What's included in your virtual Vision Board Party

  • 4 Hour Online Workshop via Zoom
  • Your Vision Board Prep Kit Checklist
  • Access to Our Vision Board Party Facebook Group

    Virtual Vision Board Party

    Effortlessly Manifest Your Dream Life

    SATURDAY, JANUARY 23, 2021
    9AM - 1PM CT

    Register Now Only $47! 

    $47 - Reserve My Spot

    About Joyce Buford

    As a woman who has had to reinvent herself in her own life more than a dozen times, her private and group coaching programs focus on helping women who have experienced their own transitions, such as divorce or death of a loved one find what would make them feel like they are living on purpose.

    She was personally mentored and assisted in training programs with Mary Morrissey & Jack Canfield, author of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” book series.