Nancy Yearout is my guest on this edition of SecondWind with Joyce! Nancy is an author, a spiritual life coach, and a motivational speaker. As a mom and a grandmother, she enjoys sharing her life experiences in her writings, her private readings, and her talks.

During our conversation Nancy explains her belief that the energy fields in your body are your core, the energy of your soul. When they are out of balance your health and your life become unbalanced. When you are exposed to negativity consistently, over time disease can set in the body.

What can affect our energy field are every day things such as our home, our office, our car and even the people we choose to be around.

Nancy tells how we can clear our energy fields and how we can use them to our benefit.

Listen in to learn more about why Nancy feels we are a spiritual people who seem to have gotten away from our true selves and we have lost our way by looking outside of ourselves at material possessions, our looks, fame and fortune.

When we are at the end of lives here on earth our soul, our good or bad energy moves on. The stuff you accumulated and the looks you achieved will not be going with you.