Life is so funny at times.

It is full of beautiful surprises if we just adjust our mind and raise our vibration (or energy) that we make our decisions with each day.

This is my story of the Law of Attraction that brought me back to Land of the Inca’s—Peru and how you can use the simple steps I employed to create an amazing experience for myself as I follow my genius each and everyday.

It started 6 years ago while I was in Peru on a tour and excited about seeing Machu Picchu.

Our group stopped at this beautiful resort in the Sacred Valley for lunch. The lunch featured native foods, a demonstration of the Peruvian Horse, and a ceremony with a real life “Shamans”.

That was my first encounter for each experience.

I was totally in awe of everything that day.

I was so excited that I called my friend, as I stood at the top and took in the beauty of the place. I shared with her how grateful I was to feel so close to God.

As I left this beautiful resort, I said to self, “I want to come back to this resort and stay a few nights. I want to take a half-day ride one of those beautiful horses, and have a private session with the Shaman.”

Then I basically released the request to the Universe.

At the time I did not realize I was applying the Law of Attraction.

Fast Forward to earlier this year, while having lunch with my dear friend, whom I shared my mountain top experience with, she shared that she was going on a trip to celebrate her birthday to Peru. Thinking that I would not be interested in repeating the trip, she asked shyly about my interest in returning. She did not know of the promise I had made to myself of returning someday.

I quickly said “Yes, I would love to travel with her to Peru.”

In reflecting upon this experience and sharing it with my clients as I help them integrate more of their GENUIS into everyday of their lives, I wanted to share the simple steps I feel guided me to attracting this experience so effortlessly.

  1. Clearly stating my desire
  2. Boldly believing it will happen
  3. Release it as a given that it would happen.
  4. Feel the pleasure of my request and my unattachment to how it would show up in the future. Note: I did NOT go into my head and fixate on this happening in this year, at this time, etc. I did not begin to think of how the organization of this trip would take place. I released it.
  5. Practice gratitude

My wish for you as you step into living a life without limits, is to create your own beautiful experiences and delightful surprises. I also hope you find new ways to live your genius everyday. While I was away I used my gifts to interview all the locals and seek to understand them and share in their experiences.

If you want to hear more about my trip and how to create an experience like that of your own, please join me for my first Life Without Limits Webinar, Thursday, June 11 at 12:30 p.m. CST. You can get yourself registered here.