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Look What Other People Had to Say...

I like to call Joyce Buford a Life Changer. She will help you drill down and find your purpose in life. She will help you find out things about yourself that you never knew. I highly recommend her to help you reach your goals & dreams, or to find your purpose in life...


Thank you so much for sharing your time and working with me on my dreams the last few months. I really enjoyed the exercises and you gave me many great skills and techniques that I will use to better myself. Yes, I think the program is worth it! My favorite thing from our sessions are the daily rituals: affirmations, meditation, gratitude. These things that I learned will have great long-term benefits.


Working with Joyce gave me the strength to face my divorce & to begin healing. The major changes I have to face seem so much less fearful since focusing on my new life. Thanks Joyce, for giving me the tools to get through this very difficult time.


Joyce can really help and guide women going through divorce. Her help allowed me to free myself from the negative feelings I was having and move forward with my life. I was able to view my life changes in a positive way and be excited about my future. I am now living the dream and have found my Joy After Divorce.


Joyce Buford is a speaker, coach, and weekly podcast host of SecondWind with Joyce. Joyce works with women in finding their perfect life after experiencing loss after divorce or death. She provides impactful transformational coaching, and growth-filled seminars which deliver an exciting and powerful approach to change.

Her podcast began in 2015 as a focus of supporting women with their transformation. Her guests have experienced their own transformation and have created stronger and more confident lives. By listening to this weekly podcast, you will hear guests talk about their successes and empowerment as a result of their recovery.