Core values are the feelings and emotions that we resonate with. They are an internal knowing of what makes us happy and feel a deep sense of peace.  They can be something we come into the world with but they can also be learned.

When someone is in alignment with their core values they are happy and peaceful.  They make decisions easily. They live a life with no regrets.

If you find yourself feeling doubtful and fearful then you’re probably not in alignment with your core values in your own life or in your environment.

When Should I Identify My Core Values?

Based on my own experience in leading workshops, retreats and in coaching clients privately, individuals should revisit the following Core Values Exercises every year as you look to plan out what you want to accomplish that year.  It’s especially important to spend time re-evaluating them when you haven’t accomplished a goal and are feeling a bit of shame or guilt about it.

Additionally these Core Value Exercises should be revisited when a major life transition occurs like a marriage/divorce, the birth of a child, the death of a loved one or the care of loved one.