Have you ever met someone you liked and appreciated, but didn’t know why this connection presented itself?

As you know, I believe everything in our lives has a purpose, even if we don’t understand it at the time.

I began a  friendship with Dr. Sergio Sedas  in 2008, when both of us attended Jack Canfield’s Business Success Conference.

I was impressed with his work in robotics. But, his transition was developing during 2008 while attending the Canfield Conference. He was moving into intentional possibility.

In his book, Intentional Possibility, Dr. Sedas informs us of the Power of Possibility in all of our lives. We do it without really knowing it is happening. It comes from the thoughts, to the creating, to the sharing, to the actual event.

In this week’s Second Wind with Joyce, Dr. Sedas shares his six-steps to creating possibility.

Click on the link above and begin creating YOUR possibility.