The Importance of Having Practical Strategies to Navigate the Financial Consequences of Divorce

Divorce is a significant life event, no matter how amicable it might be. Emotions run high during this time of transition, and it is essential to have sound financial advice to assist in making the major decisions that go along with it, or with other challenging events such as becoming a widow. In this episode, Adrienne Grace offers practical strategies and information that are financial game-changers for women facing divorce or widowhood.

Adrienne Grace is the Founder of Transitioning Finances, a holistic financial planning firm that works to empower women to live in harmony with their money and reach their financial goals. She specializes in helping women before, during or after the divorce process. She also advises widows and others experiencing financially challenging transitions on how to protect, manage and grow their assets. With a long career in financial services, Adrienne brings wide-ranging knowledge to assist clients in creating financial peace of mind.

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What You’ll Learn from This Episode:

  • Some of the most significant reasons to have sound financial advice during divorce or other major life transitions
  • Why it is important not to allow emotions to influence major decisions
  • Why it’s a good idea to educate yourself and be involved in marital financial planning even when there is no sign of trouble
  • The pros and cons of having joint finances during marriage, and in particular second (or more) marriages
  • Why setting financial goals with your spouse can help your marriage
  • Why it might not be as advantageous as it seems to keep your marital home
  • Typical reasons why women diminish their entitlement to their husbands’ pension money
  • Situations to consider when planning for ongoing maintenance and/or child support
  • Why it’s best to leave your former financial advisor behind during divorce, and begin with someone new
  • The three most important people to have as members of your “team” and why

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