A Discussion on Your Value, Healing, & Finding Your Path

The way we view and value ourselves is oftentimes tied to the work we do. In this episode, Cyrina Talbott dives deep into her own experiences with having her identity attached to her career, and how she eventually felt burned out. She speaks on the danger of determining your self worth through how much work you do, and feeling the need to prove yourself. Through self healing, we see how it is possible to take your life on a different path and grow from there.

Cyrina Talbott’s mission is to help business owners accomplish their goals, purpose and vision. She helps them overcome limiting beliefs and mindset blocks that stand in the way of that. Her defining moment was when she was 27 and started a homeless shelter. It triggered all of the unhealed areas in her life that she hadn’t dealt with and brought them to the surface. She completely burned out from people pleasing and non stop work. She couldn’t say no because she was trying desperately to prove her worth.

When that business closed, she went home and cried, ate lots of chocolate, gained 20 lbs. and started to learn the most important lesson of her life- that her worth doesn’t depend on her performance.

My life changed from constantly needing to prove myself and show people my value from the outside, and trying to get that external validation to knowing that I’m valuable even when I’m home, even when I’m not performing, even when I’m not doing what you like, even when I say no.” Cyrina Talbott

What You’ll Learn from This Episode:

  • The way your past traumas can create your current struggles and affect your habits 
  • The importance in separating your value from your productivity
  • How to overcome work interfering with family time
  • How replacing negative thoughts and being kinder to yourself can change you
  • Understanding your purpose in life and your motivation for working towards that goal
  • A beneficial way to view failure
  • You always have the power to heal, grow, and change

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