Have you ever heard the tale of when first meeting St. Peter at the pearly gates, he asks, “What would you do differently, if you could redo your life?” All too often, the answer is not focused on what you really did. Most say they would have loved more and lived more, not built more and collected more.

Why does it take the visit with St. Peter to change how we would live our lives?

I was thinking of this as I joined in on my mother’s 97th birthday celebration on June 9, 2014. Yes, she was born in 1917. This was right around the time of World War I, women suffragettes; Houdini escaped from the grave, Albert Einstein published his first paper on cosmology, Woodrow Wilson celebrated his second inauguration. Change was happening.

Really, personally, not much has changed. Yes the names of the events have changed and the leaders have changed, but we are still people wanting to live the best life possible.

Even my sweet, 97 year old mother wants to live her best life. She refuses to use a walker and thinks of herself as being younger, rather than older. You gotta give her credit. Your age is within, not from outside your body and mind.

Decide today what your life will look like. Once you decide, do whatever it takes to get you there.

Want to dance again? Start painting? Teach the young? Take a trip to your dream location?

Put it on your dream list and start taking steps to making it a reality.