Finding Passion & An Appreciation for Every Season of Life

With maturity comes a greater appreciation for what people offer in different stages of their lives, particularly the later years. In this episode, Lulu Trevena examines these stages, and we discuss how we need to look at our childhood in order to understand how we operate as adults.  We also talk about how we still need to find out what we want in life in order to still feel excitement as we age. Lulu teaches us about quantum healing, and why it may work better than traditional therapy for you.

Lulu is an award-winning Author of the stunning art and poetic prose book “Soul Blessings” and creator of the card deck “Moments of Transformation.”

She is a Women’s Group Facilitator, Workshop Leader, Art of Feminine Presence® Licensed Teacher, Quantum Healing Practitioner, Soulful Living Coach, Intuitive Card Reader, Speaker, Artist and Mother. Founder of Live Life with Wonder.

She is passionate about shifting the societal narrative about women and age. Confidence to do anything at any age.

She supports women in their own self-empowerment, honoring their personal truth and dreams, clearing whatever is in the way of embodying their full feminine presence and power unabashedly.

Lulu shares her global life experience, wisdom and voice, honoring the transformation of the human spirit, through self reflection, the delight of creativity and grounded soulfulness. She is a lifelong learner and wonder finder.

She has numerous existing online groups for Gratitude, Card Readings and Soulful Living. She is available globally for Quantum Healing, Soulful Living Coaching and Personalized Card Readings.

When we actually work with quantum healing it’s like we go back into the field where everything is possible, and we’re changing the timeline. So we’re repairing the timeline, and we’re rebuilding a new possibility into our life.” – Lulu Trevena

What You’ll Learn From This Episode

  • Society and our own maturity has changed the way we look at age 
  • We all should learn to listen to our own wisdom and guidance
  • Trevena’s empowering life changing moments that were both terrifying and exciting 
  • The definition of quantum healing, and how it can help you in your healing journey 
  • How communication has changed over time, and how we can communicate with clarity
  • Seeking wonder in your later years
  • Everyone experiences intuition in different ways

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