Living through the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has required many of us to put our lives on “hold,” but that does not mean that our lives have been “still.”

These are not ordinary days. Living through the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has required many of us but especially women – to rethink daily life at every level and at every age. And not just for ourselves as women but for our young children, our teenage and college age children as well as our aging parents. 

To help women navigate this unchartered territory, listen in to this episode as Beth Battaglino, RN, Chief Executive Officer of share a range of online content and resources that HealthyWomen has developed to answer questions and provide insight into what women are struggling and dealing with right now. 

Beth Battaglino, RN, Chief Executive Officer, HealthyWomen, brings a unique combination of sharp business expertise and women’s health insight to her leadership of the organization. Beth has worked in the health care industry for more than 25 years helping to define and drive public education programs on a broad range of women’s health issues. She launched and has expanded the brand and is responsible for the business development and strategic positioning of the organization. HealthyWomen now connects to millions of women across the country through its wide program distribution and innovative use of technology. Beth serves as the organization’s chief spokesperson, regularly participating in corporate, non-profit, community and media events. She also is a practicing nurse in maternal child health at Riverview Medical Center- Hackensack Meridian Health, in Red Bank, NJ. In addition to her nursing degree, Beth holds degrees in political science, business and public administration from Marymount University.

What you will learn from this episode:  

  • How new family and professional demands are requiring an increase in both physical and emotional labor for women. 
  • How working from home and home schooling are impacting the family
  • Parenting: It isn’t just the adults who are stressed out. Learn how to minimize the impact loss of friends, activities and social experiences (especially high school seniors missing friends and once-in-a-lifetime activities) are taking an emotional toll on kids so parents will need to be a little flexible in their standards.
  • New relationship dynamics with your spouse or partner – Why confinement is “the ultimate team building exercise.” We have to be accepting and understanding, communicate and compromise, practice self-care so we can manage stress and most importantly, stay safe.
  • Gender Differences: despite the fact that women seem to be bearing more than anyone throughout the crisis, they have a better immune system and may be managing the infection better because they have the innate ability to do so. HealthyWomen’s team examined how Coronavirus is Killing More Men Than Women.
  • Impact of the virus on parents

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