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What if you use the idea of your mortality as your greatest motivation to really live while you’re alive? When my guest, Kate Manser experienced the deaths of 3 friends and colleagues in a short period of time, she became paralyzed in fear of death. Then a friend lost his life climbing Everest and she realized that he died living life the way he wanted, doing what he loved. That caused her to completely flip the way she looked at her mortality. She became filled with zeal to live. Kate shares how you can face your fear of death to live one’s most meaningful life. 

Kate Manser is the creator of the YOU MIGHT DIE TOMORROW movement, a radical perspective to inspire people to really live before they die. She is a motivational speaker, author, and entrepreneur. Her new book, also titled YOU MIGHT DIE TOMORROW, helps readers face their fear of death to live their most meaningful life. Kate has spoken at Facebook, Inc., has sold thousands of branded products to fans around the world, and is so happy to be alive.

“I have no control over when, where or how I die, but what I do have control over is how I live until that mystery moment comes.” @kate8rose Click To Tweet

 What you will learn from this episode:  

  • Using mortality as motivation to live
  • How death offers profound clarity for how to live
  • How to minimize fear of death
  • How to break out of apathy
  • How to cultivate meaning in everyday life

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