Change starts with the mindset to do it. So many people get stuck and blocked to make changes, but a mindset change is necessary for sustained change. This episode covers what is blocking your ability to make changes and how to create a mindset of success.

Zoilita Grant has been involved in human development for over forty years. She graduated from UC Berkeley in 1971 with a BA in Psychology and got her MSW from UTEP in 1979. She had the privilege of managing two nonprofits, a YMCA in El Paso, TX and a Drug and Alcohol program in Bellefontaine, OH. Besides a short time as a Drug and Alcohol corporate trainer, her entire professional life has been private practice. She worked for over twenty-five years as a psychotherapist specializing in hypnosis, and has been a hypnotic coach for the last twelve years. Her desire to serve both her peers and the general public led her to help form the Colorado Association of Psychotherapists. She served as president for six years. She also served as vice-president of the American Council of Hypnotists for twenty-one years. She offers certifications as hypnosis professionals and products for them and the general public.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • Five keys to changing your mindset
  • The blocks that keep us from becoming a success
  • How to keep a mindset of success
  • Zoilita’s program for success coaching and what it entails
  • A time Zoilita felt joy
  • Tips to creating more joy in your life

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