Career Transition to Entrepreneurship After 50

After being laid off and desperate for a change in career, Nancy Fox reinvented herself and became an entrepreneur. In this episode, she offers clarity and advice on first steps to turning your passion and skill into a profitable business.

Nancy Fox is the Founder and President of The Business Fox, a business consulting and training company specializing in helping those 50 and over. She is an accomplished business development and strategic coach/trainer guiding high-achieving entrepreneurs and growing business teams in starting up and scaling up successful businesses. She is also the author of two books.

“The source of real peace is believing in yourself and knowing you’ll have the answers you need. And if you listen really carefully, you get them.” -Nancy Fox Share on X

What You’ll Learn from This Episode:

  • The defining moment that led Nancy to creating an exciting new business that allows her to help others do the same.
  • How to know whether or not you could benefit from hiring a business coach.
  • What’s even more important than “getting out there” and “being recognized.”
  • Why visibility and social media aren’t the keys to putting money in your bank account.
  • The difference between desired value and perceived value, and why one is more important than the other.
  • The four essential questions you MUST answer when starting a business.
  • Some truths about ageism in the workplace.
  • The importance of a shift in mindset when starting out in the entrepreneurial world.
  • Why it is essential that you let go of the past before creating your new business.
  • Some of the benefits and changes in working over the internet.
  • How to handle potential clients who want to negotiate your fee.
  • How to decide on a coach that’s right for you.
  • Whether or not it’s possible to stay with a coach too long.
  • When it’s time to hire people to handle aspects of your work.
  • If it’s a good idea to hire “cheap” help when starting out and money is tight.
  • Thoughts on list-building.
  • Learn about Nancy’s complimentary webinar to give you a boost when getting started on a new venture.

Nancy Fox’s Information:

Website | Facebook Group | LinkedIn | Contact | Complimentary masterclass webinar for 50+ers who want to reinvent themselves

Featured on the Show:

Thomas Leonard (deceased) – Founder of Coach U | Jeff Walker – Launch Strategist