Toby Dorr joins SecondWind for the second time to share more inspiration from her life lessons after aiding in a prison escape and landing in prison herself.

Having never had so much as a traffic ticket, Toby Dorr shattered her mold of perfection by helping a convicted murderer, a trainer in her prison dog program, escape in a dog crate from Lansing Correctional Facility. Her story is a lesson in perspective. Instead of focusing on everything she lost, Dorr made a conscious choice to use her twenty-seven months in prison as a period to reflect on her life, heal emotional wounds, plot a course for the future, and embrace the sisterhood of women she encountered behind bars.

Far from easy, her prison sentence was gut-wrenching and devastating. But a pivoting revelation during a stay in suicide watch gave her purpose and direction. Through her memoir, Living with Conviction: Unexpected Sisterhood, Healing, and Redemption in the
Wake of Life-Altering Choices, Dorr takes readers through all of the heart-pounding, tear-jerking, heartbreaking, eye-opening experiences that touch the most primal human need, the need to be significant.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • Background on Toby and her work as a trainer in the prison dog program
  • How Toby got involved with a prison inmate and helped him escape
  • Toby’s turning point and what she learned from her time in prison
  • The launch of Toby’s new podcast and her seminars on shame
  • How dark places are blessings in disguise
  • Steps to creating more joy

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