Effortless Happiness Mentor & Life Transition Coach

Divorcing in midlife after 23 year of marriage, Joyce Buford discovered that fulfillment, joy and thriving in life is possible. After spending years seeking a better way, Joyce discovered her SecondWind delivered a roadmap that she’d only dreamed of for many years.

But the real journey began once Joyce discovered the power of a coach. Today Joyce Buford is a SecondWind Coach and Mentor for Vibrant Women ready for wanting to get that SecondWind in their lives.

She works exclusively with women dreaming for life that allows her to thrive and live a fulfilled, passionate life every day. With over 20 years as a business professional, wife, mother, and Director of a Children’s museum, Joyce now hosts the SecondWind With Joyce podcast and is author of Effortless Happiness. Joyce balances working with clients to shorten life events into smooth transitions along with adventures with her children Lauren and Christopher. She is a proud dog mama to Moo. Music, travel and learning make her happy and feel fulfilled.

Mentored by Jack Canfield of the Chicken Soup Book Series while being trained and later assisting in training programs.

Ready to start living life without limits?

Don’t let another day of indecision shape your day. Life is waiting for your call!!