I appreciated the opportunity to be a recent guest on Joyce Buford’s radio show “Second Wind” Joyce is clearly committed to having discussions that make a difference and are meant to inspire and touch women, especially those who may be facing significant life transitions. She gave me, as a guest, plenty of latitude to freely share my own story as an example of what’s possible for other women, while bringing specific comments and insights back to the listeners as gems to consider and reflect on for their own personal journey. Beautiful job Joyce. Thank you for all you do to inspire and empower women!

Pat Fiorello, Professional Artist

Second Wind with Joyce Buford is an uplifting show. Joyce’s energy is comforting and nurturing, and it’s wonderful to listen in on her interviews. Grab a cup of tea, settle in, and expect to be inspired!

Dina Proctor, Mind-Body Connection Coach, best-selling author of “Madly Chasing Peace

Talking with Joyce Buford on her radio show Second Wind is as much fun as going out to lunch with a good friend! She makes it easy to deliver your deepest information while maintaining an informal, conversational tone. And she totally gets the value of a great story. Thank you, Joyce!

Sandra Millers Younger, Author “The Fire Outside My Window”

You know those good friends, whom you don’t talk to as much as you’d like … but when you do, you just pick up the conversation from where you left off? That’s Joyce. As a guest on her Second Wind radio show, I found her easygoing nature to be perfectly-suited for her audience – women who are likely uneasy, nervous, or plain frightened as they navigate their own life transformations. Moreover, Joyce laughs easily. It’s hard to pay a higher compliment than that.

Sherry Truhlar, President, Red Apple Auctions Co.

It was a true honor being on a professional like yourself radio show .You have a dynamic voice and you truly engage the speaker to show their best side.  It was a privilege to share the message with your listeners.

Rosalyn Kahn, Motivational Speaker, Coach, author of “Random Acts of Kindness are Changing the World

I like to call Joyce Buford a Life Changer. She will help you drill down and find your purpose in life. She will help you find out things about yourself that you never knew. I highly recommend her to help you reach your goals & dreams, or to find your purpose in life...

D.J, Client

Working with Joyce gave me the strength to face my divorce & to begin healing. The major changes I have to face seem so much less fearful since focusing on my new life. Thanks Joyce, for giving me the tools to get through this very difficult time

D.D, Client

Thank you so much for sharing your time and working with me on my dreams the last few months. I really enjoyed the exercises and you gave me many great skills and techniques that I will use to better myself. Yes, I think the program is worth it! My favorite thing from our sessions are the daily rituals: affirmations, meditation, gratitude. These things that I learned will have great long-term benefits.

A.S, Client

Joyce can really help and guide women going through divorce. Her help allowed me to free myself from the negative feelings I was having and move forward with my life. I was able to view my life changes in a positive way and be excited about my future. I am now living the dream and have found my Joy After Divorce.

L.B, Client

While at Discovery Science Place, I asked Joyce to conduct her workshop for my senior staff members with hopes of inspiring them, giving them a strategic framework to build from, and to fan the flame of passion for the work we do. Joyce was skillful at personally connecting with each one of us as individuals and helping us to see the true talent we all brought to our work. She helped us to connect to the treasures we each hold and to disconnect ourselves to the ‘Can’ts’ we hold on to over time. She is a gifted person who understands what makes people tick. I would recommend her to any group or individual who wants to reconnect to their passion and truly shine!

M.K. , Client, CEO - Kidspace Children's Museum

Joyce is such a brilliant light in this world. She has an amazing gift and ability to help people move through transition with peace, joy and ease. If you’ve been struggling with any amount of change in your life, do yourself a favor and let Joyce help you find your inner voice so you can live a life of passion and purpose.

S.S. , Client, Certified Master Results Coach

Life Coaching enables you to step outside yourself and take a look at where you would really like to be. Another set of eyes looks at you, without judgment, and helps you uncover hidden assets. Sometimes in life, we wear so many different hats, we forget who we are. Life coaching grounds us and brings our focus back to ourselves. Joyce has done that for me. She observed that I love to write and proposed that I write a book. Wow, a Texas sized dream! But when she told me about a writers seminar in Sedona, I jumped on the opportunity. And guess what, I am writing a book!!! Its wonderful to have a coach who really sees you, believes in you and challenges you. I have learned a lot about myself taking this course. I had come a long way on my own since the divorce, but something was missing….a dream that was just mine. Now, I have my Second Wind in life because of Joyce and I am excited. Watch for my best seller!

L.D. , Client

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