Gene Bennett is a twice-deployed Iraqi Freedom veteran who shares the gut-wrenching story of his time as a prison guard at a transitional internment facility, in his book, We Did Not Deserve the Crapper: The prison we entered but never fully left. This was the only prison in all of Iraq to house juvenile detainees. In this episode and in his book, he tells the story, of his journey in the Marines, his two deployments, and his PTSD diagnosis and recovery journey. With a diagnosis of PTSD from the VA, Gene Bennett explores and chronicles the kind of dysfunction that only war and family can inflict upon you.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • How Gene got involved in the Marines
  • His two deployments and how things took a turn for the worse
  • Gene’s time in Baghdad in a juvenile detention center
  • What he learned during times of imminent danger
  • Gene’s experience post-military life dealing with the VA and PTSD

You can download and read his incredible story here.

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