Simple Ways You Can Improve Your Quality of Life

It’s easy to forget about practicing self-care when your busy schedule prohibits you from adding much more to your to-do list. On today’s episode of SecondWind, we have Hope Flansburg on to discuss everything relating to self-care from body positivity to work-life balance. She reminds us that making time for ourselves doesn’t have to be such a time consuming task.

Hope is an author, Wellness and Self-Care Educator, and owner of Hope for Health Wellness. She plants seeds of hope by teaching others how stress impacts their emotional and physical health, while sharing complimentary layers of self-care to promote healing. She wants to help you decrease stress, anxiety, and improve overall health to live the quality of life you crave free from continued symptoms and deteriorating health. 

Hope began writing sixteen years ago as part of her own healing process. She now uses her fiction romance novels to bring a voice to the exact scenarios that break us. Through stories of vulnerability, courage, and healing, these books can be used as a tool for social emotional awareness, and to inspire and empower others. With an exquisite mix of suspense, darkness, lightness, and personal growth, she sends the message that existing is reason enough to receive abundance in this life, and out of our darkest times can come our greatest achievements.

You hear all the time that it is really important to own our “no”, but I think what’s even more important is that we know what our “yeses” are. If we can define our yeses, it’ll help us find that balance of where we’re giving our time, where we’re giving our energy, and so we don’t get led to burn out and overwhelm all the time to where we feel that we aren’t showing up and giving the love that the people around us deserve as well” – Hope Flansburg

What You’ll Learn from This Episode:

  • What it was like becoming a single parent with twin girls
  • How to turn your darkest times into something great
  • Why you should start manifesting and create vision boards during tough life transitions
  • How Hope incorporated her love of love, spirituality, and self-help into a novel
  • Our society is impacted by the “disease of being busy” or stress and anxiety 
  • We tend to focus so much on loving others more than loving ourselves
  • How Hope helps those who feel their busy schedule prevents them from practicing self care 

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