Terri Banner Fitzsimmons (TK Banner) is the author, motivational speaker, and best-selling author of four books. She has been in the field of education most of her adult life as a teacher of all grades, a Sociology Professor for twenty years, and director of an Independent Study Program, helping adults earn their diplomas. She won many awards, including being recognized for initiating a girl power group, developing innovative career strategies, and working for United Way, helping parolees find employment. She has worked with various Indian Reservations, homeless shelters, and the Cal-Works program at a local college. Her biggest passion is helping women achieve their passion for life, to break free of all the doubts they cling to that stop them from recognizing their worth. 

On this episode, TK joins Joyce to discuss the camp fire fire that took place in 2018. Terry shares her experience of buying a beautiful home in Paradise, California with her fiancee and staying behind to care for 6 children when others were evacuated during the fire. The conversation then transitions to the importance of teaching social skills to youth, as it is crucial for their success in university and beyond. 

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • TK’s personal experiences of writing and career
  • Traumatic experience of TK losing her possessions and how she dealt with it
  • The importance of teaching social skills to youth, especially disadvantaged ones
  • TK’s experiences and thoughts on spirituality and meditation
  • The importance of being authentic and not relying on possessions
  • Writing tips and suggestions, including finding inspiration and sharing writing with trusted friends

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